Hogwarts Legacy spoilers are being deliberately spread across the internet in the latest in an ongoing series of protests against the game.

The game hasn’t officially released as of yet, but ever since Hogwarts Legacy Early Access began earlier this week, players have been battling endgame spoilers. Posts on the game’s subreddit reported attempts to share two key details in threads elsewhere on Reddit (opens in a new tab), as well as via Metacritic. On Twitter, several posts about the game ended with spoiler-filled posts as the main replies. Arguably the sneakiest joke is an edit to the game’s cover art, which purports to reveal a “hidden” detail about the game, but drops the same spoilers instead.

While I don’t discuss or link to the spoilers themselves, they take the form of a few sentences describing key moments and revealing certain characters, leaving little room for interpretation of those events. In format, they are similar to Fallout 4’s campaign spoilers, which described the election present at the end of that game’s main campaigns in equally direct terms.

Some have suggested spoilers are part of a long tradition of Harry Potter ruining its ending, but with general release coming soon and next-gen versions of the game still a considerable time away, it’s understandable that those to whom they are spoiled history might not be too impressed with this.

The move is the latest in a series of protests around Hogwarts legacy that have seen fundraising efforts and boycotts but also sparked backlash amid allegations of bullying and hunts. witches.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to JK Rowling’s public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge inclusion at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explanation on the Hogwarts legacy controversy.

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