Players are excited to be back in school in Hogwarts Legacy where there is a wide variety of missions and tasks, where the scenarios are incredibly detailed and complex.

The students who roam all the hallways and other places in the universe of Harry Potter which can be found with the Empty Frame Puzzles that are scattered around random locations in Hogwarts.

These empty frame puzzles give players the chance to get their hands on more terrain guide pages and, in turn, new cosmetics. However, simply entering these dark paintings won’t do anything, as you need to activate the puzzle with a spell, and we’ll tell you how to do it.

How to solve empty frame puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy?

To solve an empty frame puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, you must activate the challenge by performing the spell Walnut. After that, the frame will show a nearby location that you need to find, which in fact will never be too far from the empty frame, so you will have to keep an eye out for a green butterfly in the specified area.

worth using I reveal frequently as the spell will highlight the moth and it will be easier to find. You will also hear an audio signal that sounds like flapping wings if you are in the near area.

Once you find the moth, do the following:
  • Stand in front of the green butterfly.
  • Cast the Lumos spell and the butterfly will follow you.
  • Put it back in the empty frame and relaunch Lumos so that it rests on top of the image.
  • The puzzle will be completed and you will receive a field guide page!

Remember, when trying to find the area in the painting, take your time noting memorable objects like paintings or stairs.

If you’re still looking for your first empty frame puzzle, you can find one in the central hall via a side quest with Lenora. So keep an eye out for his call for help next to one of the paintings nearby.

And that’s about it for our Hogwarts Legacy Moths puzzles and locations guide, so there you go, keep enjoying the game.

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