Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment seems to be joking Hogwarts Legacy 2, a sequel to this month’s hit Harry Potter video game. In a post-launch interview, WB Games President David Haddad revealed that Hogwarts Legacy has been played for over 267 million hours since February 10.

Hogwarts Legacy 2 seems almost confirmed

Speaking to Variety, Haddad said WB Games sees Hogwarts Legacy as a long-term franchise. “We are very happy with the initial release and see a bright future for our other platform releases,” he said.

Haddad went on to say that the fan reception to Hogwarts Legacy reaffirmed WB Games’ commitment to using its popular franchises when developing AAA games in the future.

The commitment of Hogwarts Legacy players is “spectacular”, according to Haddad. Players have grown 393 million plants since the game launched, brewed 242 million potions, and defeated 1.25 billion dark wizards.

Fandom, a company that hosts entertainment wikis, told Variety that Hogwarts Legacy has garnered more fan interest than Fantastic Beasts. Game-powered pageviews grew 39% in just five days.

Fandom CEO Perkins Miller estimates that 70% of fans will play a game simply because they like a franchise, and compared the cross-media success of Hogwarts Legacy to that of The Last of Us, Star Wars and Marvel . .

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