Hitman 3: A speedrunner completes Dubai level in 8 seconds

Hitman 3: a Speedrunner Completes Dubai Level in 8 Seconds

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Game news Hitman 3: A speedrunner completes Dubai level in 8 seconds

While the last game from IO Interactive was released less than a week ago, some speedrunners have already managed to complete one of the new levels in more than record time.

A level finished in less than ten seconds. In the mission “On top of the world” taking place in Dubai, one of the new levels offered in Hitman 3, Swedish player Goron managed to reach his goal in top eight seconds. How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply by executing two perfect headshots on the targets as soon as they enter the lobby after exiting the elevator.

Four other players are behind him in the standings on Speedrun.com, with nine seconds each, all in the “Any%” category, ie finish the level as fast as possible, regardless of the means used. In another category that requires more discretion called “Silent Assassin”, the record is 16 seconds. However, speedrunners still believe they can improve these records in the times to come.


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