Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games today released the exhilarating and tense tactical RPG roguelite The Last Spell on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, bringing the game to its 1.0 version after selling over 250,000 copies during its time in Early Access on Steam. Savvy tacticians can save 10% off the introductory price of €22.50 until March 23 via Steam, Nintendo eShop or a PlayStation Plus membership. You can also get a 15% discount if you buy the “Headbanger” bundle on Steam, which includes the spectacular soundtrack of The Last Spell.

As you can see from the fantastically stylized animation and today’s hard-hitting, action-packed launch trailer, the big battles of The Last Spell take place in humanity’s last refuge, surrounded by relentless evil advancing from all sides. Players must expertly guide teams of warriors as well as expand and upgrade the Refuge against seemingly insurmountable obstacles and unpredictable attacks, intuitively adapting their strategy as monstrous hordes destroy defensive fortifications to devastate the Refuge’s internal support structures. and extinguish the last glimmer of humanity.

The Last Spell understand :

  • Highly rewarding turn-based combat– Equip, position and command squads to unleash devastating attacks on groups of enemies without being outmatched.
  • Huge replayability: Random party members, gear caches, and enemy flanks make every match exciting and unpredictable thanks to procedural generation.
  • Defensive strategies: Develop a customizable fortress with upgradable buildings and defensive structures while stopping the endless advance of monsters.
  • Rewarding challenges: Get closer to the salvation of humanity with each defeat, learn new tactics and unlock weapons, abilities or new support buildings.
  • An exciting soundtrack– A synth-rich progressive metal soundtrack perfectly suited to the climactic moments of battle and the dark, haunting world of The Last Spellcomposed by the French musician Rémi Gallego, a.k.a The algorithm. Purchase the full soundtrack through the “Headbanger” bundle or separately here.

Ishtar Games’ passion for the compelling challenge of tactical combat is matched only by its dedication to the tactical RPG community, and it’s been amazing to see The Last Spell’s groundbreaking homage to strategic combat evolve in collaboration with as Ishtar Games implemented player feedback throughout the Early Access phasesaid Cyrille Imbert, CEO of The Arcade Crew.

“Thanks to the dedicated team at The Arcade Crew, we’re thrilled to finally release The Last Spell 1.0; we’ve walked a path with passion and love for the tactical RPG genre that spanned five years. Along the way , we have built a special relationship with our gaming community, which has given us the fuel to go all the way. A big hug to all. You will be glad to know that this is not the end of this incredible journey , we still have a lot of love to add to the recipe for The Last Spell!” said Matthieu Richez, CEO of Ishtar Games.

Join the battle now for the future of mankind against the evil mobs of The Last Spell, or add it to your wishlist while you prepare your best strategies. Keep an eye out for the menacing beasts of The Last Spell by visiting the Ishtar Games Discord and following @TheArcadeCrew and @ishtar_games on Twitter.

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