Have a Good Death: Self-Realization Explained – Game News

Have a Good Death: Self-Realization Explained – Game News

In this guide, we will tell you what self-realization is in Have a Nice Death. If you want to know more, read our article.

Have a Nice Death is an action roguelike. The player has the option to play as Death. The almighty being is overworked and wants a vacation. However, his employees become riotous. You have to take your trusty scythe and show them who’s boss. You must find out who is responsible for this rebellion! The game can be difficult, that’s why in this guide we will talk about the self-realization mode.

Happy Death: Self-Realization Explained

After his death, Death (the character) is taken in the office. This is the place where you can spend the money accumulated during the game, test your weapons, search for things to unlock and rest between difficult fights. So take the time to look around you. If you go right you’ll end up hitting a wall.

This wall presents its difficulty level, just interact with it. you start to impending failure (normal). However, if you wish, you can choose self-realization. It’s an easy mode. Characterized by:

  1. Start the race with +3 Animas.
  2. Get +50% mac HP in the Rest Room after defeating Sorrow.
  3. Minion damage reduced by -5%.
  4. Souls heal more with each kill.

To choose it, you have to “move the wall”, for that you just have to push the screen to the left. If you want to select an imminent failure again, just drag it to the right. You can freely change the difficulty between races.. So don’t worry and enjoy your game as you see fit. there is even a achievement connected with the game in easy mode – I’m not here to suffer. So, if you want to maximize the title, you have to choose Autofulfill at some point.

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