Have a Good Death Guide: All Bosses and Final Boss Explained

Have a Good Death Guide: All Bosses and Final Boss Explained

Bosses in Have a Nice Death can cause the player a lot of trouble. Then you will learn more about them and find out who the final boss is.

Have a Nice Death is a very addictive platform game with roguelike elements, in which we go through an interesting world and fight against enemies. Have a nice death bosses challenge opponentsand thanks to this guide you will learn a little more about them.

Boss in Happy Death

will hang

Fighting this boss isn’t particularly difficult if you know what to watch out for. Occasionally, the opponent uses AoE attacks. When he lays a rope on the ground, you have to get close to it to avoid the impact field.

clean lion

To defeat this opponent, jump over his ranged attacks.. After a few of them, charge the boss and start attacking. After a few iterations, the boss should be defeated.



Brad has a lot of HP and his attacks deal a lot of damage, which makes him a challenge for many players. Fortunately, he is relatively slow and you can see exactly when he will launch an attack. When it’s on the ground raise your hand before knockingand be in the air He clenches his fist before rushing towards our character.. Knowing this, you can easily avoid his blows.

Barnaby Proudfoot

This boss has two main laser-based attacks, which must be avoided at all costs. When the opponent floats, it’s better to be right under him. When he charges his attack standing on the ground, you have to jump as high as possible.


Slyma mostly moves on the grid in the background, but when he’s on the ground he attacks our character with toxic slime. Before each attack, a distinctive sound is heard.which lets you know how to jump or move behind the back of the boss.

Richard J. Barron

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Richard J. Barron

This boss is attached to the right side of the screen by default, but will sometimes launch attacks pointing all the way to the left for a while. From time to time, he strikes from above with his big fists. you can avoid them watch the ground and the exclamation points that appear on the spot to avoid it as soon as possible..


The boss, which looks like a big ball, often jumps and crosses the entire area from left to right. during the fight you have to jump on it or slide under the free space below.

mr grimes

Mr. Grimes has several area attacks in his arsenal, but the one to avoid at all costs is the punch that comes out of the ground. An exclamation mark will appear in the affected area, which should be avoided.. When the whole floor is filled with exclamation marks, jump as high as possible.


Candice’s attacks are relatively easy to avoid. The boss leaps into the air and falls with momentum. However, sometimes the opponent will teleport multiple times to different locations and it’s better to always be on the moveto more easily avoid the unexpected blow.

Pierce Gorske

This opponent is relatively easy to defeat. Occasionally attacks with ranged spikes, and then just jump to avoid them.


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Waldo’s main attack that you should be particularly varied on is where the boss sends saws that take up the entire height of the board towards the player. Before each shot, you must be behind the opponent’s back..

Denzel “Rey” Dengue

Denzel is not one of the most difficult bosses, as he only has one attack in total, which is something you should mostly avoid. When thrown, the opponent falls towards the player, and the flight path can be learned by observing the golden ray.

Ill Hector

The most effective strategy to defeat this boss is get behind his back and attack before launching his attack.

lamberto heisenberg

The opponent moves fairly quickly and usually attacks with their feet. When fighting him, it’s worth jumping as often as possible. to avoid his blows.


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Maxxx is one of the most difficult bosses, as he often attacks with bullets, which must be skipped and avoided in various ways, so we don’t always have time to dodge a series of blows. However, with a little patience, you can sometimes attack and defeat him.

Sra. Camille Flage

This boss attacks by pushing a pair of hands out of the ground. Most of the time they spawn in front of him, however, you need to be especially careful with his aerial attacks. When the boss jumps and floats for a moment before falling, fists materialize on its left and right sides, only the place where the enemy is about to land is safe.

Major Plishan

This boss’s attacks can be dodged quite easily, but you have to watch out for the rockets that slowly slide upwards. When you see them, you must destroy them as soon as possible.

Horace Sinistrocirrus

The opponent floats above the ground and attacks with their fists, which can be easily dodged. However, it should be noted that a bolt of energy will appear at the point of impact after less than a secondit can hurt our character.

Mrs. Catalina Inamura

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Sra. Catherine Inamura

The boss has several area attacks in store. When water walls appear left and right, it is better to prepare for a high jumpbecause then the opponent can double up and launch a massive attack against the player.

Final boss in Have a Nice Death – Time

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The main boss of the game should not be easy to defeat and Time Time will definitely be a big challenge for the player. He has several attacks that can be avoided quite easily, but when his health is halved, it grows bigger and deals much more damage. Then it is worth jumping frequently to avoid strikes.

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