With the Halo Infinite Season 3 release date on the horizon, series developer 343 Industries has shared a preview of all the content you can expect when the new season launches later this month in-game. FPS, but a previously promised addition has been moved below. The pipe.

It’s coming to Infinite soon and you can check out the official image of the Halo Infinite Season 3 content schedule below, which notably doesn’t include the previously promised VIP mode, but here’s what it does for multiplayer play:

  • Bandit Rifle (New Weapon)
  • Shroud Screen (new equipment)
  • Free story events
  • Fracture: Firewall (New Seasonal Event)
  • Chasm, Cliffhanger and Oasis (new maps)
  • New battle pass (and premium track)
  • climbing killer
  • Two Free Armor Cores

Senior Halo Community Manager John Junyszek also outlined what you can expect from Halo Infinite Season 3, such as desync improvements, a blog next week focusing on all customizations, and verification. of the VIP multiplayer mode moved to Season 4 and beyond.

The VIP movement is likely to be the big sting for most of us, as promised with the initial roadmap long ago, but Junyszek says it’s been moved to prioritize the rest content. “While this is a twist from previously established plans, I promise the shift in priorities is better aligned with community feedback,” Junyszek said.

For me, the biggest addition to the new season of Halo is another sort of postponement of Halo: Reach. After two Spartans cut from the Halo: Reach campaign were added to Infinite, it became apparent that 343 still wants to bring back classic Halo iconography, and that continues with DMR’s adjacent weapon, the Bandit.

“Having a silhouette reminiscent of the DMR from Halo: Reach, this semi-automatic weapon is best suited for mid-range combat,” writes 343 Industries, developer of the Halo series. “You won’t have to worry about blooming when you get 5 kills, but we still recommend controlling your shots as the recoil will increase when you take multiple hits in a row.”

So the similarities between the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) and the M392 Bandit aren’t just in name and looks, as 343 is fully aware of how it continues to integrate Halo Reach into the multiplayer of Infinity.

YouTube Thumbnail

In other parts of Halo Infinite Season 3, the Shroud Screen will act as a dome that obstructs the other team’s line of sight and motion tracking. There was also a breakdown of the new maps in a trailer, with more information on Halo Waypoint as well.

If you’re patiently waiting for Halo Infinite Season 3, there’s not much left now because it’s should drop on March 7. Lots of stuff is also coming for the new season, so make sure you’re ready to unlock those cosmetics, learn the new maps, and master the Bandit Rifle because it’s sure to be loaded with new shooting content.

You might be returning to Microsoft’s flagship FPS game with Season 3, and if so, we’ve got the best Halo Infinite weapons and when to use them down for you. Alternatively, you can check out our full list of the best free PC games, with Infinite’s multiplayer right up there with the rest.

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