Halo Infinite Season 3 first update is now live, here are the full patch notes

Halo Infinite Season 3 first update is now live, here are the full patch notes

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Halo Infinite received a new update last week, increasing the multiplayer component throughout Season 3. It added a new weapon, new maps, new gear, a new 100-tier Battle Pass, and more. Again.

Although this launch was relatively quiet, there were some issues and 343 Industries has now officially fixed a number of these issues in the first patch of this season. Perhaps the highlight is the “fixes for 120Hz option” on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. We reported on this last week.

This update will require a 2.3 GB download on Xbox consoles. Here’s the full rundown, via the Halo Support website:

Halo Infinite – Latest Version: March 15 Patch

Fixed issues

The following changes were made in the March 15, 2023 patch.

  • Setting the target frame rate setting to 120Hz on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles now results in frame rates above 90 frames per second (FPS).
  • Improved stability when navigating customization menus on Xbox Series X|S consoles.
    • While this fix reduces the chance of the game crashing when navigating customization menus, work is underway to address reports of low framerates in these menus. Stay tuned to @HaloSupport on Twitter as an upcoming update should address framerates in customization menus.
  • There is no longer a slight delay between dropping objective objects, like the flag or the weirdo, and switching to a weapon. This change should improve the viability of the “Flag Juggling” strategy.
  • Game mode details are now visible in the Custom Browser menu and when viewing the Details menu of a Custom Browser session.
  • When playing on Xbox One consoles or PC, friendly and enemy Spartans will now appear more consistently on Forge maps.
  • Theatrical films now accurately reflect the total duration of the match, and the timeline now displays skippable scoring events.
  • Cinema movies created in an earlier version of Halo Infinite no longer have a Watch Movie button which, when selected, leads to an indefinite loading screen.
  • Using the W or S keys to navigate to the Rubble section of the Resources menu in the Forge Item Browser no longer causes a crash.

Thanks to all players who submitted a ticket regarding these and other in-game issues. Stay tuned to @HaloSupport on Twitter for the latest news on upcoming releases.

download size

  • Xbox consoles: approximately 2.3 GB or less.
  • Microsoft Store app or Xbox app on PC: about 2.6 GB or less.
  • Steam: around 700 MB or less.

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