The second season of Halo Infinite arrived more than a month ago and with it came an update with a lot of new content to the title, but also some important adjustments and balance changes for some weapons and vehicles, as well as other important additions.

Another important aspect added it was the return of the 120fps mode for the Xbox Series S, which was present during the 2021 beta tests, but was not at the time of launch in December.

Halo Infinite receives a new update

This second season is also being active in terms of updates of all kinds, including those that add new content such as the new Fracture: Entrenched event, which has returned with its second active week.

But patches to correct bugs and errors can’t be missing either, like the one that 343 Industries has released to Halo Infinite and that focuses on bug fixes, small errors and performance improvements and more news. The full patch notes can be viewed by following this link to the official support page.

Halo Infinite continues to improve little by little and there is less time left for long-awaited news such as campaign co-op to see the light of day in the game, something we are very much looking forward to.

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