Some dataminers have uncovered several interesting details about the possible content coming to Halo Infinite.

At this point Halo Infinite It’s been out for months and the post-launch support from the developers hasn’t been the best. At this point, will we ever see this much-rumored elusive Battle Royale mode?

Recently, with the small patch of early April, 343 Industries accidentally leaked a new variant of the Big Team Battle mode entitled Last Spartan Standing, a sort of miniature Battle Royale set in the BTB maps of Halo Infinite.

Well, they seem to be The various customization settings for this particular variant have also been leaked online of game. The settings, rules and mechanics of this mode thus seem to be very similar to those of the most famous Battle Royale and available on the various gaming platforms.

Halo Infinite receives new rumors about Battle Royale and Forge modes

In fact, there is talk of various containment areas and one final containment area, practically like in all other battle royale of the caliber of Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone. Furthermore, the presence of these modifiable settings suggests the possibility of being able to play the mode in private or to be able to modify it through the Forge (which we remember being coming for Season 3 of the multiplayer).

Furthermore, Certain Affinity recently confirmed its commitment to helping 343 Industries further evolve the game. Could it be that they are the ones intent on working on this new battle royale-style mode?

As for the expected modality Forge some dataminers have discovered diverse mappe sandbox which will likely be present in the game starting in Season 3. These sandbox maps will hypothetically be the bare base from which to create your own specific environments.

The multiplayer compartment of Halo Infinite is available as free-to-play for the Windows 10/11 and Xbox One PC platforms.

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