Summer, too, is a busy time in San Andreas, but this year the economy of the south is in turmoil: fuel prices are at their highest level in decades, supply chains are in disarray and On top of that, a fierce heat wave is affecting the entire state. We are certainly referring to the content expansion that each season receives GTA Online”. The fact is that all this chaos is turning out to be profitable for some sectors, such as executives, bikers, nightclub owners and arms dealers. However, the rise in petrol prices has also drawn the attention of the IAA, which suspects that the corrupt Duggan family, petrochemical magnates, is taking advantage of the situation. Thus, the intelligence agency will require our services to determine the situation.

The dots on the i’s

With the package “The Criminal Enterprises” the guys from Rockstar Games promise a extensive update that brings new missions and improvements to the vast game format. These also include expansions for crime career businesses, plus contact missions as a sworn agent and more. Do you want to know it down to the last detail? Well, come with us to San Andreas and find out why this summer is going to be really busy.

The experience also includes gameplay enhancements intended to deliver a higher level of freedom of choice when climbing positions in the criminal hierarchy. Plus, you’ll earn increased revenue from a variety of game modes, new modes, vehicles, collectibles, dealerships where you can browse, test or directly buy a fleet, and special events throughout the summer.

Expand your business network

This year’s “GTA Online” update will see the world grow and evolve across all platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie coming in through the job creator or consider yourself a seasoned criminal, the expansion aims to offer a collection of upgrades for entrepreneurs of all kinds. No matter what criminal career you have chosensince you will be able to participate in all business activities, including sales missions, in private sessions and others.

Don’t get off the donkey

In “The Criminal Enterprises” the headquarters of biker club Owners of a Personal Workshop will receive a free upgrade and Club Presidents will be able to modify customers’ bikes to their specifications and then turn them in for GTA$ & RP. Bikers will be able to increase their reputation and earnings by completing two new venue contracts, which will be posted on the wall in the meeting room. You may also see customers having a drink at the bar: go on a replenishment mission to keep the barrels full and the clientele happy while generating extra income for the business.

Aggressive executive

Those who own a executive office will welcome a new team leader in their warehouses named Lupe, who is especially willing to help us source “special” merchandise to fill those empty shelves. Executives will also be able to take on a new side job where, each day, they’ll receive a special shipment out of the warehouse, packed and ready for delivery to the dock.

Trafficking in weapons

the chain of arms Ammu-Nation he smells something and wants to collaborate. Just making a daily delivery to the designated store will earn you another source of income. As you stock your bunker, you’ll find two new Resupply Missions, so make sure you steal these new targets to get the most benefit from them. You can also start resupply missions from wherever you are or increase the progress of investigations.

Nightclub owners

Nightclub owners can contact Yohan to get goods for the warehouse or call Tony to start club management missions. Two new missions of this type have been added, giving you new ways to promote your legitimate operations. Also, within the club you will be able to keep the good vibes going by ejecting troublemakers and escorting drunken VIPs to “safe places”.

Work undercover in Operation Tech Trail

It seems that the profits from the high gas prices all go to the most famous oil dynasty in the Los Santos area. The IAA suspects that it is a criminal conspiracy: the ULP Agent will contact you to offer you to participate in the “Operation Technological Trace”, in which between 1 and 4 players will work as sworn agents and will have to investigate the tycoons of the petrochemical industry.

Bridge behind the wheel

In “The Criminal Enterprises” we can also find more ways to get around with the arrival of new vehicles throughout and after the summer. In any case, you have at your disposal two new vehicles to which you can install Imani’s technology to take advantage of the special improvements of the expert hacker from F. Clinton & Partner, which include a remote control, a missile lock inhibitor and much more. plus. There will also be new vehicles from Los Santos Tuners, and Benny’s Original Motor Works will expand its capabilities to work on four additional vehicles.

Higher income, better life

In addition to all of the above, the full list of gameplay and gaming experience improvements Coming to GTA Online, like the promised reduced effectiveness of homing missiles and Oppressor Mk II countermeasures, an easier way to access snacks, and armor to restore health during firefights.

Lastly, “The Criminal Enterprises” will also introduce various changes in finances, including permanent reward increases in races and Adversary Modes, higher loot in original Heists and Doomsday Heist, better salaries for Bodyguards, Associates, and Biker Club members, and much more. will be available on July 26 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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