the recent GTA 6 Turns out, 50 Cent’s “taunting” actually had nothing to do with the game. Fans were disappointed after finding out the rapper was teasing a TV show.

The curious case of GTA 6, 50 Cent and Vice City

50 Cent publicó uno o dos adelantos de algo llamado “Vice City”, el escenario que se rumorea para GTA 6. La imagen qu’usó en una de su publicaciones de Instagram se extrajo directamente de GTA: Vice City, que los fanáticos pensaron que era a track. The rapper later deleted his posts, leading fans to believe he may have violated a nondisclosure agreement with Rockstar Games. Not exactly.

According to Deadline, Paramount+ is creating a new Lionsgate Television original series with a working title of Vice City, so it may not end up being called that. Interestingly though, the premise shared by Deadline seems to suggest that 50 Cent’s show is inspired by Grand Theft Auto.

Vice City will feature the story of three friends in 1980s Miami who were dishonorably discharged from the military for their involvement in the anti-Iran scandal. Disgraced and shunned by society, the trio teams up with a Colombian immigrant to form a criminal empire. And yes, there will be flights.

Sound familiar?

Take-Two’s attorneys will certainly be watching…

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