The time has come, like every week, to take stock of the weekly novelties that integrate the online mode of GTA, between rewards, gifts and promotions.

This week in GTA Online, the rewards are doubled in the mobile operations until May 12. In addition, completing any of them will see an additional bonus of 100,000 GTA $ appear in your Maze Bank account. And at the same time, the rewards are tripled in Motorized warfare until the end of the month.

As for gifts, you will be able to unlock the pacific invasion t-shirt at any time of the week. Also, players of rank 100 and above will be entitled to the green and pink camouflage pattern for their HVY Nightshark. It will remain available within 72 hours when connecting after May 17th. Finally on the podium of the Diamond Casino & Hotel this week, the Grand Prix of the week is la polyvalente Vapid Winky.

Weekly promotions

  • 50% bunker raw materials and transformation into Mk II weapons
  • 40% COM, its upgrades, modifications, vehicle and weapon workshops
  • 40% Pick-up armé Karin custom
  • 40% JoBuilt Hauler custom
  • 40% JoBuilt Phantom custom
  • 40% Brute Stockade
  • 40% Declasse Tampa Army
  • 40% HVY Nightshark

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