GTA 5: A new new trick discovered by a player!

GTA 5: A new new trick discovered by a player!

As the latest GTA 6 rumors unleash passions on social media, many gamers continue to play Grand Theft Auto V and uncover secrets. Today, a famous player shares one of his discoveries that will please fans of customization.

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about Grand Theft Auto VI, the next big project from Rockstar Games about which we don’t know anything very official at the moment, except that the project is in progress. It must be said that Jason Schreier, the very good Bloomberg journalist who is surely one of the most reliable sources in the field, has dropped a real stone in the pissed off with his revelations. Playable female character, duo à la Bonnie & Clyde, regular additions of new places… The proposal seems to bring a lot of novelties compared to the formula of its predecessorGrand Theft Auto V. However, it is indeed about him that we are going to talk to you about today because even nine years after its release, the Rockstar title continues to be talked about and attract millions of players.

The discovery of the day comes to us from a certain jacob_w52a Tik Tok user who only posts videos around GTA 5. Unfortunately, while his previous account had reached over two million followers, the latter was banned, which forced him to create a second page with much less subscribers. If you follow the news of the game closely, you may have already heard of this player since the latter had already shown tricks in the past, such as doing wheelies backwards on a motorcycle… without hands! This time, the user comes back with a new trick concerning two-wheeled vehicles but rather without engine.

A new secret or a new bug discovered?

In a Tik Tok deleted following the loss of his main account, jacob_w52 presents a trick to customize his bikes in Grand Theft Auto V, something that is not possible normally. Of course, everything happens using your mobile phone. Thus, it is first necessary to make several very specific manipulations to achieve this. First, go to the Pedal and Metal site where there is a list of BMXs, but don’t buy one right away. Instead, go to the search engine to reach another store, Legendary Motorsport, which is dedicated to cars. There, you’ll find Truffade Z-Types that you’re still not going to buy. Instead, choose a color from the available Z-Type options instead. Finally, coming back to our bikes, use the phone history to go back to the BMX list and finally order your vehicle. Once received, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that your bike has the color of the previously selected Z-Type.

Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, with such a list of things to do before getting what we want, it looks more like a bug in which the game confuses the two types of vehicles, rather than a real feature thought by Rockstar. It remains to be seen whether the American studio intends to leave this manipulation or whether an update will simply cancel it.

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