Do you want to create teams of cute anime girls to fight for yourself even when your phone is idle? This can be a reality if you play Girls Connect: Idle RPG, a mobile game where you can collect a multitude of characters and play through different game modes in a quest to create the best roster possible. This game features mechanics to collect gear and experience, upgrade your gear, and progress through the campaign.

It’s always easier to play a game if you have a little edge or extra help. This is why codes are so useful, and in Girls Connect you can use codes to get additional resources, such as diamonds and gold, as well as summoning pacts, ascension stones and SSR hero shards.

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All Girls Connect: Idle RPG Code List

Girls Connect: Inactive RPG Codes (Working)

These are all working codes for Girls Connect: Idle RPG.

  • ZXFDSG — Rewards: 2 Advanced Summoning Covenants, 200 Ascension Stones, 200 Diamonds
  • RZGEWT — Rewards: 25 SSR Hero Shards, 200 Ascension Stones, 100 Diamonds
  • GC666 — Rewards: 2 Advanced Summoning Alliances, 500k Gold, 50 Diamonds
  • GC777 — Rewards: 200,000 Mana, 100 Ascension Stones, 50 Diamonds
  • GC888 — Rewards: 2 advanced summoning covenants, 5 arena tickets, 50 diamonds
  • GC999 — Rewards: 3 advanced summoning pacts, 200,000 mana, 50 diamonds
  • GC2022 — Rewards: 3 advanced summoning pacts, 500k gold, 100 diamonds
  • join — Rewards: 1 Advanced Summoning Alliance, 200 Ascension Stones, 100 Diamonds

Girls Connect: Inactive (Expired) RPG Codes

All these codes are expired for Girls Connect: Idle RPG.

  • CXGDFS — Rewards: free rewards.
  • akaei — Rewards: free rewards.
  • FBLIKEUS — Rewards: free rewards.
  • Ruri — Rewards: free rewards.
  • baobao — Rewards: free rewards.
  • Punipun — Rewards: free rewards.
  • Myrtle — Rewards: free rewards.
  • NFZOFNCOS — Rewards: free rewards.
  • WEAK — Rewards: free rewards.
  • YDCB — Rewards: free rewards.
  • Windia Nata — Rewards: free rewards.
  • R0ixyDragony — Rewards: free rewards.
  • old man — Rewards: free rewards.
  • DSFNAKNZ — Rewards: free rewards.
  • shurizehobby — Rewards: free rewards.

How to redeem codes in Girls Connect: Idle RPG

Follow the instructions below to redeem the codes in Girls Connect: Idle RPG.

Gamepur screenshot

  1. Open Girls Connect: Idle RPG on your device.
  2. Click on your Avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Select the Settings tab at the bottom right of the pop-up window.
  4. Copy and paste or enter the working code in the Enter gift code text box at the top.
  5. press blue Exchange button to redeem your free code and get the reward.

How to Find More Connected Girls: Idle RPG Codes

The best way to get more Girls Connect: Idle RPG codes is to check this article regularly. In addition to that, you should also follow the game’s social media accounts such as Girls Connect: Idle RPG Facebook page or Girls Connect: Idle RPG Reddit page. You may be able to find new codes sooner through these links, as well as keep up with game news.

Why aren’t my Girls Connect: Idle RPG codes working?

Some of the codes you entered may not work for various reasons. First, always check that you have entered the code exactly as shown, with no extra characters or spaces. Remember that all codes are also case sensitive. The best way to avoid typos is to copy and paste the code from the listing. Codes are normally available for one-time use, so you will not be able to redeem rewards more than once. Finally, some codes are available for a limited time, so they may have expired by the time you try to redeem them.

What kind of game is Girls Connect: Idle RPG?

Girls Connect: Idle RPG is an idle RPG mobile game where you collect a roster of characters, which you then configure into teams and send them to fight for you, earning rewards even when AFK. There’s a story campaign to play, as well as a PVP arena and plenty of other game modes to challenge your roster. However, you will need to upgrade, equip and improve your characters if you want to progress in this game while collecting dozens of resources to help you.


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