A final update for Ghost of Tsushima.

The American Studio Sucker Punch (subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment and member of PlayStation Studios) announces the end of the follow-up of Ghost of Tsushima with update 2.18: “Although we are not actively working on a future fix, we will continue to monitor your feedback on Reddit and Twitter for any priority bugs or issues. We would like to send a big THANK YOU to the entire community for their unwavering support and precious help since the launch of the game. When Legends was released, in October 2020, we did not expect players to be still so active after more a year and a half. We are infinitely grateful to all those who accompanied us on this journey!”

The latest patches and updates for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

  • Increased silk stock at merchants in NG+
  • Fixed issues in dialogues and cutscenes

Ghost of Tsushima : Legends

    • Fixed a bug where an ally’s health could momentarily drop below zero, resulting in “death” in Custom Mode and Raid Trials, which could prevent the Secret Will cosmetic item from unlocking
    • Added a PS4 save import button in Legends standalone builds (transferring a PS4 console save). Choose “yes” at the Legends import screen
    • Shared Wounds no longer interrupts the Assassin’s Vanish skill
    • Added a new objective Complete the Party, Custom Mode – Perfect Completion. Thus, players wanting to unlock the Secret Will cosmetic item will be able to look for other parts than those who want a different Custom Mode experience.
    • All legendary katanas grant stance mastery perks by default, including stances unlocked through perks. If you have already unlocked a Stance Mastery perk, you can freely renew it for a new perk
    • Legendary Charms can now be matched with perks and properties previously only available to Class Charms, if the Legendary Charm is bound to the class in question
    • Massive reduction in Resolve gains with Black Powder Bombs
    • The Ricochet Bow no longer generates additional Resolve for ricocheting arrows
    • Added Projectiles perk to Caltrops and Demonic Seeds
    • Reduced the spawn rate of Black Powder Bombs, Blinding Bombs, Flaming Arrows, and Armor Piercing Arrows with the Projectiles perk
    • Maximum value of Melee Determination Gain property increased to 25%
    • Maximum Fire Damage property value increased to 20%
    • Maximum property value Assassination Damage from Above increased to 50%
    • Melee damage of the samurai skill Deep Strikes increased by 25%
    • Fixed a bug where black powder bombs were not counting in some mastery challenges
    • Fixed a bug that caused the display of modifiers for Gold and Silver difficulty survival missions to be incorrect
    • Fixed a bug in Survival mode where, when a Ghost died in the interval between the end of the last wave and the display of scores, some rewards were missing
    • Fixed a very rare bug that prevented completing the Legends tutorial

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