NOTJijantes have lost nine games in a row in the Kings League InfoJobs. Gerard Romero’s side suffered a lot to get the first victorywith many games in which he looked like he could make it, but ultimately opted to side with rival teams.

This Sunday, they got the first three points in their locker, and it was against one of the teams that was the best in the table, TheGrefg’s Saiyans. After the match, the two presidents spoke to each other and the Murcian showed how to lose.

tears of joy

Gerard Romero has been under a lot of stress and pressure with Jijantes FC. The Barcelona journalist’s side weren’t done getting their first win in any game, and which has created a very difficult situation for its president.

Against the Saiyans, the Jijantes managed to win, and they clearly did, with a 1-5. After the victory, a wave of subscriptions was unleashed, which led to Romero having to do many “hakas”, to celebrate it.

The exciting post-match discussion between TheGrefg and Gerard RomeroKings League InfoJobs

In the post-match chat, Barcelona were keen to make it clear that it was only for substitutes, and to take the stress off: “My live show turned into crazy subs, and that’s how it went. I wanted to make it clear that it was nothing against you, okay?“. Tears welled up in his eyes, this time of joy, seeing his players finally win: “I don’t want to put on a show anymore because it seems like instead of winning it seems like I lost, but that’s because I had a really bad time and all the shit comes out“.

The Grefg replied, as we have already said, as a true gentleman: “Gérard, congratulations, and Look man, if I have to be the one to suffer this to see you happy and you have the first win, well that’s what it’s all about.congratulations and you can keep doing the haka all the time.”

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Gerard Romero apologizes to TheGrefg for having

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