For the third day of Vibro-Crystal verification at Genshin Impact, we learn about the unlikely composition of the test team of Dehya, Raiden, Yaoyao, and Xingqiu in “Warm Observation”. However, before you give up hope due to Flame-Mane’s current lack of DPS abilities, understand that Inazuma’s super-powered Electro-Archon will make up for the point loss. In other words, you can still easily reach the maximum rewards of 2000 points if you follow our recommended battle setups and strategies below.

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Reach a stage score of 2000 in observing the heat with test characters in Genshin Impact

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Since the enemy waves in the first half of Warmth Observation Vibrocrystal Check Day 3 are weaker than in the second half, we recommend using Dehya and Yaoyao as the first team duo for the storyline. Raiden and Xingqiu are more than capable of dealing with the Ruin Automatons in the second half. For harmonics, we recommend connecting the first stream to the precision receiver for an additional CRIT rate. On the contrary, the second and third will be the Elemental Receiver to reinforce the Elemental DMGs of our two teams. The dual-stack Elemental Receiver, in particular, is crucial to hitting over 2000 points for our test characters.

Observation of the first half of the heat in Genshin Impact Vibrational Crystal Verification

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At the start of the Ordeal of Harmonics, the first half of the Heat Observation Challenge in Genshin Impact, we suggest following our recommended rotation for Dehya and Yaoyao:

  1. He starts by throwing Yaoyao’s Yuegi at your targets before unleashing his Elemental Burst, Lunar Jade Descent.
  2. After the enemies have been applied with Dendro, he switches to Dehya and casts his elemental ability. This attack should deal a large amount of burn damage, including some Burgeon when Hydro Slimes spawn.
  3. Activate Dehya’s lion bite and relentlessly spam your attack button. Be very careful not to cancel your Ult by jumping.
  4. Return to Yaoyao and use his elemental ability. It will take several seconds before your CD Burst finishes. Use this time to reposition yourself before repeating the rotation.

Remember that the goal is to get between 750 and 800 points. Don’t worry if you fail to reach 1,000 points because your second team’s performance can at least make up for the 250 points lost in the first half.

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Second half of heat observation in Genshin Impact Vibrational Crystal Verification

Raiden and Xingqiu fight enemies in Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Verification Day 3Gamepur screenshot

The second part of the challenge is significantly less spammy than the first. During the second half of the heat observation in Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Verification Day 3, it is crucial that you refrain from mindlessly spamming Raiden’s Elemental Burst. Using Musou Shinsetsu when no enemies have spawned is an instant kill lost. To avoid this error, we recommend following our rotation steps below:

  1. As Xingqiu, your primary role is to apply Hydro before returning to Raiden. Avoid using it for regular attacks as its DPS is suboptimal. Start by casting Fatal Rainscreen, followed by Xingqiu’s Raincutter Burst.
  2. He immediately switches to Raiden and casts his elemental ability, Baleful Omen.
  3. After defeating an enemy with regular attacks, wait for a new Ruin Automaton to spawn at full health before casting its Elemental Burst.
  4. Keep hitting enemies with normal Raiden attacks, but keep a close eye on Xingqiu’s icon to see if his Ult is active. If the Elemental Burst icon is visible, quickly switch to Xingqiu and apply Hydro before switching back to Raiden.

Precise attacks and well-timed elemental skills are key to reaching 2000 points for the Vibro-Crystal Check Day 3 in Genshin Impact.


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