The Summer Odyssey event in the Islands is the main event of version 1.6. It will last until June 28, and will take you to a mysterious island to complete the challenges offered during your exploration.

You will obviously have nice rewards for the work done. Note that this event takes place in four acts, which will be unlocked as you progress.

Mysterious Islands: Journey Into the Unknown

By going to the event page, you will be able to unlock the quest. Follow the latter, which after a few steps, will bring you to the new archipelago of islands. Pick it up echo conch then get off for a tutorial on the barge, then get on board!

You will then have to find and activate the devices, which will in fact serve you as points to teleport, so as not to do everything by boat. Start by unlocking the one in the center, the broken islands, then to the northeast, the twin islands.

Then teleport to broken islands and go south following the lanterns to get to the dire islands and unlock quick access.

Then go back to flan islands to examine the place in height. Congratulations, you have completed the quest! The challenges are now available to you.

Summer holidays: proceed with caution!

Once the quest is complete, you will then unlock the event for this 2nd day: Full ahead !!. This event is divided into two parts: A race on the sea and a race in the air. Your score will be based on the time elapsed during the challenge and the amount of Wavebreaker Badges collected.

The first part will take place by boat. Follow the path of coins and collect all the wavebreaker badges (large rooms). You will pass near a tower with a Brutocollinus on it, destroy it by shooting the explosive barrels in order to gain bonus points.

You will then arrive near an Anemo current. Get out of your boat by holding the jump key to float and finish the 2nd part of the race, which will therefore take place in the air. By not hanging around, you will normally make more than 30,000 points, which will be enough for you to collect all the rewards of this race.


You will have to use the cannon of your barge to destroy enemy marine structures. Here are the challenges to complete:

  • Collect 200 shiny seashells
  • Collect 1000 shiny seashells
  • Collect 2000 shiny seashells
  • Eliminate 30 enemies by boarding floating towers
  • Eliminate 60 enemies by boarding floating towers
  • Destroy 5 wind barriers using heavy shell or explosive barrels

Go to the place indicated on your map and decimate your enemies, either in your boat, or simply by going directly on foot on the towers. When completed you will collect 200 shiny seashells. Another point will then appear on your map, and so on. Do them until you complete the challenges. You can then empty the store.

Some tips:

  • To destroy the wind barriers, shoot the explosive barrels or use your special cannon.
  • Pickup power-ups reduce the cooldown of your special cannon attack by 10 seconds.

Act 2 – Forward!

During this second act, navigate your barge to complete the challenges on time and get rewards.

You will have to follow the directions on the map to get to the location of the mechanisms and start the challenge. During the latter, complete the course within the allotted time and collect a maximum wave breaker badges.

Your score will be calculated based on the number of badges collected, and the time remaining at the end of the challenge. By reaching a certain number of points, you will be entitled to rewards.

Act 3 – Samurai in sight.. To arms!

You will face a new enemy, the Lame They. After locating it on your map, you will go and eliminate it to obtain its rewards via the Flower of conquest.

In addition, you will have quests to complete to obtain rewards, such as Primo-gemmes. Note that at the end of the event, the Lame They will still be available, but you will no longer have quests for it.

Act 4 – Loaded harpastum bombs.. Explosion!

For the 4th act, use the harpastum bombs to clean up the nearby monster camps. By using the synthesis table present on the island, you will be able to craft harpastum bombs. There are 3 different bombs:

  • The direct bomb
  • La bombe explosive
  • The burning bomb

You will then go to the monster fortifications to destroy them, which will be much easier with the bombs. Completing specific challenges and quests will earn you Mini harpastums that you can exchange in the shop for rewards, but also Primo-gems.

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