Genshin Impact, Seirai Stormchasers: our guide to unlocking the new boss

Genshin Impact, Seirai Stormchasers: our guide to unlocking the new boss

New bosses have arrived in version 2.1 of Genshin Impact; This quest will allow you to unlock access to one of them, the Thunder Manifestation.

The quest for Seirai Stormchasers is a multi-part quest that will mostly take place on Seirai Island. The Thunder manifestation will allow you in particular to recover Timely pearls, obligatory to raise the level of Shogun Raiden and that of Kujou Sara. Let’s see how to collect the quest, and how to complete it.

Seirai Stormchasers

To access the quest, you will need to chat with Catherine in the city of Inazuma, at the counter of the Adventurers Guild, and then go to the island of Seirai. We also explained how to access the island of Seirai HERE.

Seirai Storm Chasers – I

Go to the location indicated by the quest, northeast of the Statue of the Seven, and talk to Eiko waiting for you there. She will then tell you about the storms on the island, and the protection stones. Follow her to go and inspect one of them.

Follow in the cat footsteps, which will eventually lead you to … a talking cat. After the discussion, go and examine the offering box, then go to the place indicated to get something to repair it. On the spot, looters of treasures will only wait for your attacks to free the area.

Then go to Hiraumi Fort, indicated on the map, to clear the camp and collect repair materials. Then report everything to the Sanctuary of Asase. Repair the offering box then talk to Someone. You are going to have to seal a Stone of protection

Go to the location indicated on your map. To seal this first stone, start by releasing the 3 strips by interacting with the swords around. Then on the middle stone, choose Rotate the lower part 2 times to seal it.

You will then have completed the first part, which allows you to win 40 prime-gems.

Seirai Stormchasers – II

Now go just north of the teleporter in the Pic Amakuno. You will then find the second Stone of protection, but also two of the required swords on the 3. Touch them to deactivate them, then turn around. You will see a electric gate. Take it to arrive right next to the 3rd sword and touch it.

Seirai Stormchasers – III

Go to the teleporter south of the Hiraumi Fort. Talk to Taisuke, then take the electric gate right next to him. Make the way quietly, until you pass next to a piece of rock in the air, with a electric gate and one Electroculus. Press the jump key to switch back to human form and land on it.

a Electrogranum will then appear. Use it to track Electric butterflies in the air. Stop at each rock with a Electrogranum to reload yours in case. You will have to deactivate the swords by touching them, which will stand in your way.

A teleporter as well as the protection stone are also on one of the floating rocks. Continue until you have had the 3 swords, then come back near the teleporter to interact with the stone of protection.

Rotate the upper part 3 times then rotate the lower part 5 times so that it activates, and thus complete this part of the quest, but don’t move.

Seirai Stormchasers – IV

Activate the Electrogranum in front, there protection stone that you have just activated. You will then follow the electro butterflies to the south. Continue in this direction when you have 3 Electrogranums on the same rock until you reach a floating rock with a protection stone and one teleporter.

Touch the 3 swords around, then rotate the upper part twice then the lower part twice to activate the protection stone. After the cutscene, don’t forget the Electroculus just below, then go to the platform that appeared, and face the Thunder manifestation that will appear.

Once defeated, take the Electrogranum and follow the path to arrive near 2 chests and a plume. Pick it up, then go back to see Eiko. The storm has now calmed down on the island, and you have 40 prime-gems more in your pocket!

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