This week, the Sensor Tower consultancy revealed that Genshin Impact managed to raise more than 874 million dollars in its first five months of activity.

The title launched on September 28, 2020 raised that figure only among mobile users, but it is important to clarify that the video game developed by the studio miHoYo is also available in PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Sensor Tower made a special report to mark the significant growth of Chinese gaming in the mobile market. However, Genshin Impact is only the third title in a Top 5 of big names and even bigger numbers.

The first collection position of the last five months is occupied by Honor of Kings, another video game developed in China that saw its number of users grow exponentially thanks to the pandemic.

Second place went to PUBG Mobile, the battle royale that in China also came thanks to the giant Tencent, responsible for Honor of Kings. Both video games managed to raise more than a billion dollars in the last five months.

Below Genshin Impact are Pokemon GO, with a collection of 651 million dollars, and Roblox, with 579 million dollars generated in the last five months. Thus, the title of miHoYo is the highest grossing mobile role-playing video game in the world, with an average of 175 million dollars per month.

Genshin Impact adds new characters periodically

Genshin Impact adds new characters periodically

As the Top 5 brand, the largest portion of the collection of these video games comes from China, which remains the main consumer of mobile paid content in the world and represents 29% of what is spent. Japan holds the number 2 spot, while the United States, in third place, accounts for just over 18% of global revenue.

The Sensor Tower report also notes that 60% of this consumption comes from devices with iOS, while Android represents the remaining 40%.

Although the best month for Genshin Impact in terms of fundraising was October, the last few months have seen steady growth in the role title. The truth is that, since its launch, the miHoYo game launched an interesting amount of news to keep its players active and spending.

Since September, many characters have been added, events of all kinds have been held and even areas on the map have been added that present new enemies, challenges and mechanics.

The developers are in almost constant contact with the players and have already detailed what the next development steps for Genshin Impact will be, the future news and much more. This week, for example, they finally revealed Rosaria, a new character who will join the action this month.

Genshin Impact celebrates seasonal events with significant rewards for its users

Genshin Impact celebrates seasonal events with significant rewards for its users

Rosaria will be part of Genshin Impact update 1.4, which will also incorporate the Wind Flower Festival. This new festival anticipates many different minigames and activities to develop the characters and their relationships.

Obviously, as is the nature of Genshin Impact, significant rewards and special items are expected for users who participate in these activities when they become available.

At the moment, the figures that the title handles on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC are unknown, but it would not be surprising if they are numbers similar to those of the mobile field.

Genshin Impact is a cultural phenomenon from the moment it hit the market and does not seem to have any intention of ceasing to be, which is surely attracting the attention of titles such as Pokemon GO and Roblox, who do not want to be left behind and are surely thinking about new ways to enlarge your audiences.

Genshin Impact, for its part, does not seem to present difficulties when it comes to adding content and keeping its users in its fantastic world.

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