In a recent post on his personal blog discussing The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, which was lit up by HBO last week, George RR Martin decided to clear up some things about the “dead or abandoned” television spinoffs of his Song literary saga. of Ice and Fire.

Talking about when we’ll see these spin-offs, he mentioned that Dances with Dragons and the Dunk & Egg he released in 2016 eventually became House of the Dragon and Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and that shows how the development there twists and changes over time.

In this regard, the author added, “The lesson is that development takes time. I see all these stories on the net about other spin-offs that died or were abandoned… no idea ‘where they get these things… And it makes me shake my head.”

“The Nymeria series is still in development. So is the Sea Serpent. I had a great week working with writers. And there are more, both live-action and animated.

“How many will get the green light, like Dunk & Egg? It’s impossible to say. How long will it take? It depends. No one knows for sure.”

Martin added: “When I was in elementary school, there was a detective show which ended every week with ‘There are eight million stories in The Naked City’. It was one of between them.” And that was just in New York. Westeros and Essos are so much bigger, with even more stories. We just need time to tell them. “

Still want to see those Game of Thrones spin-offs?

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