EThis year it’s not usual, but this Friday afternoon we will have LEC. And it’s not just any day LECbut today we will have a spectacular best of five between the two teams that played in the previous split final, G2 and MAD Lions.

Samurai will already be safe in the MSI we will experience in May, while the lions have the tournament on the horizon. The MAD Lions will go to London if they win the split or, if they lose today, if the G2 team ends up winning it.

Espera Vitality

The bees are waiting for the next round, during which the finalist who will accompany the BDS team in the battle for the title will be decided. The MAD Lions entered this Top 4 against all odds, since what we have seen of the lions in the regular phase did not seem to be enough to hold up so far. Elyoya’s men entered BO3 after going all or nothing in a tie-break against Team Hereticsbut they still keep their title options and go to MSI alive.

On the other hand, for the samouris to enter the Top 4 it was included in all the hens, but perhaps not because of the loser parenthesis. Their loss to KOI sent G2 into the losers’ bracket, and they will have to beat MAD Lions today and Vitality tomorrow if they want to reach the final of this split. Those of Caps continue to be the favorites to win the title, but they can’t make a mistake if they don’t want to be surprised.

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