Strong debut for G2 at MSI, beating LOUD, the Brazilian champions, 2-0. Despite a scare on a first map in which they had to come back, the samurai had a very clean second game which they finished in just 20 minutes. The middle duo Nautilus of Caps and Nidalee of Yike were the stars of this opening day.

Nautilus + Nidalee

Samurai were in both games on the blue sideand repeated the exact same rotation with the Nautilus as first choice and Nidalee and Jinx to close. The Nautilus was played by Caps of mid lane, a take which they benefited a lot especially in the second mapwith the spins in accompanying Yike’s ganks.

Yike’s Nidalee wasn’t bad either, although in the first map the Swedes-Peruvians did not benefit despite Croc, the enemy jungler, being in Sejuani and starting without buying any items. On the second map, the rookie G2 jungler pulled far more of the takeand the Europeans fall apart easily.

G2 had to come back to the first mapin which the Brazilians managed to do the Nashor and had a 5K advantage by 20 minutes. The winter split champion defended his base well, and after drawing two stops importantly, they took control of the map. The second card had no suit and G2 entered the next phase for the winner’s sliceso if they beat PSG Talon on Thursday they will be squarely in the main event.

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