For 3 months, the Epic Games Store offers all its Discord Nitro users, the premium service of the platform of the same name. We explain how to get it.

The Epic Games Store offers its users free games every week, between independent games and large video game production. But video games are not the only products offered at knockdown prices by the Epic Games Store.

The platform offers for three months, the premium service of Discord, Discord Nitro to all its users without compensation..

Discord Nitro offers its users personalization that goes beyond the content of the basic version, between personalized emojis, server boosts or even larger file downloads up to 100 MB.

To enjoy it, you just need to connect to the Epic Games Store and go to the Discord app page. At the bottom of the page, you will find an extension window allowing you to get Discord Nitro.

Once this step is over, you will receive an email asking you to connect via a link to get the promotion. After that, log into Discord to verify that the subscription has taken effect.

Please note, the subscription seems to be extended automatically after the three months of promotion. So check well before the end of your trial period to cancel your subscription if you do not wish to extend it.

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