Where are cosmic chests in fortnite

How to Open and Where to Find the Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 8

The new season of Fortnite has arrived, bringing the end of the UFO and Alien invasions to the map. Now there are new threats, but also new cosmic chests to open.

The chests bunkers were introduced into the game in the sixth season of Fornite, giving players a new type of chest to loot on the map. However, with Cosmic Chests, it seems that players will have to work together to open them!

Where are cosmic chests in fortnite and how to open it?

According to the HYPEX leaks on Twitter, the new chest type will need an “entire squad” to help open it, and it will only activate when the entire team is nearby.

In Season 8, we currently don’t know if the method of opening them has changed. While this type of chest builds on existing chests already in the game, they can only be found in duos, squads, and trios, and only activate when the entire team is close.

Cosmic Chest Gameplay

It’s easy to see why opening cosmic chests requires teamwork as well. As stated in the HYPEX game with Fortnite News and Shiina, hacking the chest will constantly make you backtrack while trying to open it.

It also seems that Cosmic Chests are not easy to open. In the video above, it appears that HYPEX and his team take about a minute to destroy the surrounding crystal.

Contents of the cosmic chests in Fortnite Season 7

Finding one of these chests and opening it successfully will give you great rewards in return, which can be used to customize your Tuna Fish.

The new rainbow ink can be collected with a maximum of 250 per week.

Where to find the chests

We will update the map for Season 8 with the Fortnite Cosmic Chests as soon as we have the information. Attentive to the news!


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