The Season 6 Fortnite offers us a new portion of missions and challenges with which you level up faster in the Pass battle. This time it will be time to damage gold bars with Kill Shot, examine the ruins of Shadow and Specter, and place a spirit crystal on the most incorporation mountain.

Below you have all the missions of week 11 with detailed explanation to know how to complete them. We even leave you here the best tricks in our Fortnite Season 6 handbook.

Contracts, challenges and missions of week 10 of season 6

Hold the shield at the highest for 1 minute

As simple as quickly instituting the shield and holding it harmlessly for 1 minute. In normal games he is accommodating, but in Scrum Team he is sewing and singing.

Spend gold bars with Kill Shot

The hardest part of the challenge is knowing where to find Kill Shot, the NPC who has been setting up the sheriff’s office all season. You will find it to the northeast of Pools to rest , in a cabin located in the mountain near the river.

Use bandages

You will have to heal yourself three times with bandages in one or more games and regardless of which mechanism mode you do it in.

Eliminate an opponent more than 25 meters away

Team Brawl is the ideal option to complete the challenge. Try to fill the distance during the later stages of the mechanism and make sure you have a weaponry that is powerful and precise enough to take out the enemy quickly.

Play different mechanism modes

It doesn’t have much intrigue. You just have to try three different mechanism modes to get through it.

Guest the ruins of Shadow and Specter

To examine where the Shadow and Spectrum ruins are in the Fortnite atlas, head to the Shadow and Spectrum ruins, located in the square cave east of the atlas, between Commerce City and the grimy docks, and in Shark Cove north of Coral. Castle.

Place a spirit crystal on the mountain plus incorporation.

The most incorporating mountain is south of Rincón spiteful , It is the mountain covered in cocaine that has a banner on top. Lasting there should be accommodating if injured from the bus.

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