Fortnite, season 5: collect Ronchon’s love potion at Fort Lacrêpe, Coral Cove or Stealthy Stronghold (Valentine’s Day Challenge)

Let’s continue our tour of the Valentine’s Day challenges that have just appeared on Fortnite. Among these challenges, there is one that asks you to find a love potion among three locations that are offered to you.

In search of the love potion

The first place that is indicated to you is Fort Lacrêpe which is in the northwestern part of the island? To find the potion, you just have to go to the central building. A little further north is the coral cove. The love potion is leaning against one of the huts.

Finally, the last place to find a love potion is in Sthealthy Stronghlod and more specifically in the southwest part of the area. There you will find a small stone construction and the potion is inside.

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