Fortnite down: Epic Games announces a downtime for the Battle Royale shooter. Update 16.40 will be released today, with new content and additional bug fixes and optimizations.

In a current Reddit thread, the developers give a specific time: The maintenance work starts at 10 a.m. Logins and access to the game are then initially no longer possible.

The matchmaking system will be switched off half an hour earlier as usual, so that you can join the last match at around 9:30 a.m. How long Fortnite remains offline is not clear from the information.

Usually Fortnite’s downtime is Short-lived: Around noon, the Battle Royale shooter should be able to be played again as usual. In the course of the server downtime, the update 16.40 is available for download. The specific patch notes are not yet available.

In the aforementioned Reddit thread, however, Epic Games gives a first preview of the changes and innovations to be expected. For example, the new “Marksman Six Shooter” weapon, which comes into play as an exotic, is announced. In addition, a new Wild Week starts on May 13th.

As part of the update, the exotic shotgun The Dub will also be removed from the game.

The debut of Beast Boy for Fortnite is also planned for May 13th. Players can use Beast Boy’s built-in Monkey Circus emote to transform into gorilla form and get dangerously close to the island’s wildlife. There is also a casual version of the outfit called “Garfield Logan”.

The Beast Boy outfit, the Couch titanium back accessory and the Beast Boy’s bat pickaxe will be available individually or as part of the Beast Boy Bundle in the item shop.

“Everyone who wants to form a team with Beast Boy and Raven earlier has the chance to do so in the Teen Titans Cup. The special tournament takes place on May 12th and all participants have the chance to wear the Beast Boy outfit and the Couch Titan back accessory unlock in advance, “announced Epic Games.

Anyone who scores at least eight points will receive the BBRae loading screen; there is a new spray motif for all participants. As soon as we receive more information from the Fortnite Update 16.40, you will find out as usual on our website.

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