Fortnite Highcard Boss is unusual in that they spawn in three different locations at once, which is a first for Battle Royale. As with previous bosses, they offer a decent challenge in battle, but if you decide to fight them, there are great rewards for getting that kill. On top of that, helping take them down is one of Fortnite’s week 4 missions, which means there’s another great reason to find them. If you want to know how to help defeat a Highcard boss in Fortnite, keep reading.

Where to find a Highcard boss in Fortnite

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A Fortnite Highcard boss will appear in three different areas of the island, right after the first phase of the Eye of the Storm reduction ends. They will spawn in the following named locations, as shown on the map above:

  1. brutal fortress
  2. broken slabs
  3. mega city

Keep in mind that all three bosses will appear in every match, so there are multiple opportunities to fight them. If you’re around, you’ll see a Fortnite Highcard Boss icon appear on your map, helping you track them down as they patrol the area with their minions. It can also help you see if the Highcard Boss has already been defeated, as its icon will disappear when it’s down.

How to help defeat a Fortnite Highcard boss

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To help defeat a Fortnite Highcard boss, all you need to do is deal damage to it once it’s been located. You don’t need to be the player to land the finishing blow, so as long as you’ve dealt damage to them and are still active in the game when the Highcard Boss is defeated, you’ll get help with help you. to shoot them down.

If you’re planning on taking down a Fortnite Highcard boss yourself, make sure you’re ready for a fight, as they’ll be flanked by two Wild Card Suit minions, and all three can deal significant damage if caught. in their crossfire. . . Highcard Boss has 200 Shield and 200 Health which is difficult but not insurmountable if you can focus a series of hits on them after which they will be knocked back and you will have to deal final damage to finish them off. You can then rush to pick up his dropped keycard for Fortnite Vaults and the Mythic Highcard Discarded Havoc Rifle, before engaging the minions or simply leaving the area with your rewards.

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