The end of this Fortnite season is fast approaching and to allow those who have still not finished the battle pass to complete it before the end, a series of quests is coming. Dubbed, Fire by Fire Weekly Quests, they allow you to earn tons of experience.

  • Fire by fire week quests, how does it work?

The principle of this week’s quests from fire to fire, is quite simple, helping you to fill up on experience. Thus, each completed quest rewards you with 12,000 experience points. We have 4 quests, totaling 48,000 experience points that will be distributed. Finally, you have until the end of the season, either Saturday or to complete these challenges.

  • Deal damage to opponents within 10m with the Blower Shotgun

For this first challenge, you must prove that you are comfortable with the handling of a particular weapon, the Blower shotgun. Indeed, you are asked here to successfully hit an opponent during close range combat.

  • Hit an opponent with the shot of a fully charged flaming primitive bow

You’ve successfully proven you’ve mastered the Blower Shotgun, well done! Now you need to do the same with the flaming primitive bow. Be careful though to charge your shot to the maximum if you want your hits to count.

  • Putting out fires on structures with Sludge

Generally, when you throw Slurp, it’s to heal yourself or your team and that seems quite logical. However, since it is a liquid, it is also a means of extinguishing fires and that is precisely what you are asked to do with it here.

  • Setting fire to structures

We just saw it in the previous challenges, you will have to put out fires with Slurp. But as the challenge that interests us here is precisely to start, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone and pocket a lot of experience.

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