What if Fortnite could return to iOS before an agreement was eventually reached between Epic Games and Apple? The game could make a comeback via a video game streaming platform.

The tea towel burns between Epic Games and Apple. So logical that the game Fortnite is no longer available on the App Store. And too bad, unfortunately, for the players. That being said, the hugely popular title could return to iOS in October, via cloud gaming service NVIDIA GeForce Now. Explanation.

Fortnite back in October on iOS?

At this time, Fortnite is not officially available on the Apple App Store. The removal of the game from the Apple brand store follows violations of the rules in place by Epic Games. This has also more or less led to the legal action currently being taken by the two giants. What’s interesting is that, thanks to this lawsuit, we could get an idea of ​​when the game could return to iOS.

If there is a return, it would be via the GeForce Now service

However, before you start jumping to the ceiling at the thought of enjoying Fortnite on an iOS device again, be aware that that comeback could come through the video game streaming service NVIDIA GeForce Now. And that it could happen next October. It was Aashish Patel, an executive at NVIDIA, who revealed, during his testimony, the month of October as a possible launch period for the game.

This is ironic. A flaw within a flaw so to speak. Indeed, although Apple claims to allow video game streaming applications on iOS, the restrictions in place to officially exist in this niche are considerable. In fact, companies operating cloud gaming platforms have found an alternative to make the games in their catalog playable directly through the Safari browser on iOS devices.

This means that it is not necessary to have each game individually approved by Apple for them to be accessible to iOS users. That being said, even though Aashish Patel does raise the October date as a possibility, nothing, at this point, has been confirmed. We will have to wait for some official announcement before celebrating this idea.

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