It’s a little hard to believe, but Steam Deck has been powering many portable gaming sessions around the world for just over a year. Now, as part of a belated anniversary celebration, Valve has dropped the price of its device for the first time.

The Steam Spring Sale has just kicked off, dropping the price of countless classics and recent releases of one or three, including the Steam Deck. Each SKU has received the same 10% discount, meaning the portable powerhouse can be yours for as little as $359.10 USD / £314.10 GBP for a limited time.

Going for the base model, however, will leave you with little space, meaning your potential savings will likely have to go towards the best Steam Deck microSD card or a compatible solid-state drive. While it’s a good idea to invest in some extra storage, whichever spec you choose, opting for the 256GB model will make diving into the Steam Deck’s best games less of a chore.

You’ll have until March 23 to decide which Steam Deck is best for you, by which time the more than 8,000 games supported by Steam Deck will undoubtedly have grown in number. Remember, these stats only reflect titles that Valve has personally tested, and there are plenty of entries in their Steam library that will run with little to no issues despite missing a coveted endorsement.

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