In the upcoming 10.1 update, Embers of Neltharion, for World of Warcraft, Blizzard will allow Alliance and Horde members to unite into a single guild for the first time.

The concept of rivalry between two warring factions is one of the central elements that drive the gameplay of World of Warcraft. Although plot-wise the Alliance and Horde repeatedly buried the hatchet to oppose the greater evil together, for a long time players on opposite sides were forced to form alliances. in-game only within their own faction. However, the situation will change in the announced 10.1 update, titled Embers of Neltharion.

An extension of an earlier concept.

As part of the aforementioned patch, the game will for the first time introduce the ability to Both Alliance and Horde players will join the same guild. A sort of preview of this event was introduced in last year’s Shadowlands expansion update 9.2.5, in which representatives of warring factions could form joint groups and then cooperate in selected activities. Embers of Neltharion, however, goes one step further by introducing the full integration of players from opposite sides under the banner of a common guild.

Blizzard shared some details regarding the new feature in the developer notes posted on the game’s official forum. From the post, we learn, among other things, that guilds will always be associated with one of two factions and this will be determined by the guild leader’s affiliation. What’s next: Items such as group achievements or vendors will continue to be associated with Alliance or Horde. MPs in favor of the contrasting grouping can enjoy the benefits of group benefitsbut will not be able to participate actively in the realization certain guild achievements.

Specific context regarding the introduction of such a drastic change to the game can be found in the interview given to representatives of various websites by Morgan Day (Associate Game Director) and Steve Danuser (Lead Narrative Design):

“(…) Factions (Alliance and Horde) are a big part of World of Warcraft. Even if I play with people from another faction, the great importance that factions have for the story in particular is something that will never go away from WoW.

Morgan Day – Assistant Game Director

Other new features in the update and further development of the game.

In addition to groundbreaking changes to guild structures, Update 10.1 will introduce other new features. By far the most important are:

  1. NEW Area, Zaralek Caveas well as a number of related tasks;
  2. new raid – Aberrus, the Sinister Crucible;
  3. improved equipment upgrade system;
  4. or, finally, the return of Drogabarras – a much-loved race of humanoids, which has not been seen in the game since the Legion expansion.

Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion should represent the start of the second season of Dragonflight expansion. Although the exact release date of the update is not yet known, it has been available on the PTR since yesterday. About the new version road map for the game, the developer also announced the upcoming update 10.0.7 Return to Reaching the Forbiddenwhich will arrive in the game on March 21..

Everyone interested in the game is also reminded of the current course free trial period of the latest expansion. As part of this, until March 12, you can try Dragonflight for free.

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