He fantasy endgame tactics The remake rumors were fueled again following comments in a recent interview. When Theatrhythm Final Bar Line producer Ichiro Hazama was asked why the game included few characters from the Tactics franchise, he replied that the Tactics team was too busy to tell them about it.

The Final Fantasy Tactics team is “heavily involved in another project”

Despite the fact that many FF Tactics developers have switched to Final Fantasy XIV in recent years, it seems that the team has come together again. Hazama told Finaland (thanks to ResetEra) that “The Tactics team is incredibly busy right now, they have other things to do. They are heavily involved in another project right now. Many are expecting this that this project is the new version of Final Fantasy Tactics, which was first revealed among the 18,000 games included in the Nvidia database leak and has been widely rumored since. a new title in the Tactics universe.

Of course, it’s possible the team could be involved in an entirely different project within Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIV is still getting content updates (although there won’t be a big expansion this year), so “the team” might keep working on this game. Anyway, take rumor with a grain of salt for now.

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