The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is finally coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms this month, and luckily the source has been patched.

On April 5, Square Enix announced that all six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games will debut on PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch systems on April 19. It’s basically six remasters of early Final Fantasy games, all included in one package or available for purchase. individually if you want to review a particular game.

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However, a big problem when the Pixel Remaster series debuted on PC and mobile was the game’s font. People were really unhappy with Square Enix’s remastered font, but social media manager Sunil Godhania assured everyone that there was a whole new font with the remasters on the new platforms.

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Well, that’s arguably the only complaint about Square Enix’s patched Pixel Remaster series. Now, the first six Final Fantasy games should look absolutely stellar no matter which system you choose to pick them up, whether it’s a full package or your favorites.

Besides, Godhania replied to a tuit (opens in a new tab) confirming that full developer credits are back in Final Fantasy 6. The original Pixel Remaster version of the sixth Final Fantasy dropped a credits streak early in the game, which means that what some were once a famous intro scene lacked the same punch.

This should also stop the review bombardment on Steam. In 2021, Final Fantasy review fans bombarded the six Pixel Remaster games to voice their demand for console releases. Now that they’ve finally gotten their wish, we hope the game review sections on Steam aren’t a minefield.

It’s a big year for Final Fantasy – aside from Pixel Remasters this month, we’ve got final fantasy 16 What to expect on June 22.

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