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When will the remake of the role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 also appear off the PlayStation 4? Many fans have been asking themselves this question for many months. After all, it is known that the exclusivity is limited in time – until April 2021. After that, the RPG could appear on other platforms. While Square Enix has been largely silent on this topic so far, the well-known leaker “Katharsis” is bringing some movement into the rumor mill.

At ResetEra, he recently stated that Sony Interactive Entertainment is allegedly planning to announce the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, ostensibly at the same time as the PC version, later this year. He even goes a step further and claims that these two versions should be released at the same time. Incidentally, the mention of a PC version is not particularly surprising. After all, Square Enix released a trailer back in April 2020 that showed game scenes recorded on the PC.

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When a corresponding announcement can be expected remains open. As we recently reported in a similar message, there are some indications for February 2021. However, a later date would also be conceivable, for example at the E3, which is to take place from June 15 to 17 this year – in whatever form. Square Enix remains silent about this. In addition, it should be noted at this point that it is just a rumor, even if “Katharsis” with its leaks around the Final Fantasy mark was correct several times in the past.

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According to current rumors, Square Enix could have an announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS5 planned as early as February 2021. PS4

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