Square Enix has discontinued the Final Fantasy 14 automatic demolition of homes following “damage and other factors” created by the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria earlier this week. The team said “their hearts go out to those who were affected by the severe earthquake that hit southeastern Turkey on Monday February 6.”

Automatic house demolition stops for a short time

Automatic house demolition stopped in Final Fantasy 14 at 12:25. The procedure has stopped on all Chaos/Light Data Center worlds for now and the counter has been paused. Square Enix said it is monitoring the situation in the coming days and will make another announcement when the process is ready to begin again.

When the auto-demolition counter resumes, the counter restarts where it left off unless players cancel the procedure. Those who want to cancel the preparation for self-demolition can enter their farm or build a farm on this land. The process aims to free up land that is not regularly used and make it available to players who failed to secure a house through the lottery system despite the expanded house system that came with the 6.3 update.

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