Most FIFA Ultimate Team players have one or two dream teams they’d like to play on the field with. Twitter users too @ScudzTV has come up with such a team with well-known football stars. With the help of an analysis, the user wanted to know how much time he would have to invest in FIFA 21 if he wanted to put his team together without spending a cent on card packs.

According to publisher Electronic Arts, this is also easily possible in FIFA Ultimate Team. Strictly speaking, that’s also true. However, only the time required goes beyond any realistic limit, as ScudzTV has found out. His dream team in FIFA 21 is currently worth almost 100 million coins. In order for the player to collect this amount of in-game currency, he would have to play around 66,666 games. A win would earn him 1,500 coins. Assuming a playing time per match of 20 minutes, you would be busy around 22,000 hours. This is 916 days that you would then have to spend continuously with FIFA 21.

The player also introduced other methods of how to get coins in the soccer simulation. Accordingly, you can also keep an eye on the transfer market and make profitable sales. Should a user win 10,000 coins every ten minutes, he would need 1,650 hours – the equivalent of 69 days with FIFA 21 at a time. Finally, ScudzTV looked at the variant with FIFA Points (real money currency of the title). Assuming an average of 100,000 coins to win with 12,000 FIFA Points (€ 99.99), a player would have to spend around € 100,000 on his dream team.

Although players repeatedly receive rewards through various events, these do not dramatically reduce the time that would have to be invested in FIFA 21. As has been customary for years, the players received will not be included in the next offshoot of the football simulation. All fans start from scratch in FIFA Ultimate Team.time for top team in FUT”

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