Square Enix has shared the full 6.35 patch notes for FFXIV, which reviews new Loporrit tribal quests, Eureka Orthos quests, somehow more Hildibrand adventures, more Manderville weapons and splendid tools. Additionally, this marks the start of the 2019 Furniture Design Contest additions and orchestral scrolls. Players can also collect more Triple Triad cards and battle more NPCs. This also means that people will be able to get the bunny ears emote after the update.

New FFX IV The Deep Dungeon Eureka Orthos quests are “Delve into Myth”, “Rage Extinguished”, and “Orthos Unveiled”. They all involve talking to Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona and being a Disciple of War or Magic that has reached level 81. After completing walker and Palace of the Dead level 50, you can pick up “Delve into Myth” at Mor Dhona X: 21.8, Y: 8.1, then move on to other quests when you’ve completed and reached certain floor seals in the deep dungeon. .

With the Loporrit tribal missions in FFX IV use the timing of quests based on your level and often require you to stick to one class when using them. The prerequisite to start them is to complete walker and “Name this way.” Passing it will unlock “Must Be Dreaming (way)”. This allows you to encounter Dreamingway in Old Sharlayan X: 11.7, Y: 10.9, as long as your Hand Disciple is level 80. This unlocks five more Tribal Quests and Tribal Daily Quests. You can then earn Carats of Loporrit for your efforts, which you can use at your Tribal Vendors in Mare Lamentorum at X:17.4, Y:15.8.

He FFX IV Somehow, Hildibrand’s additional questlines, Manderville’s Weapons, and Splendid Tools each get two or three new quests in this patch. (Each also requires someone to complete past quests to continue them, if any.) There are two Hildibrand quests, “The Spectacle of Inspection” and “Generation Link”, both of which require a Disciple of War or magic at level 90. Manderville’s new weapons also feature the same level requirement, and there’s “Well Oiled” and a second mission. Finally, to participate in the Splendourous Tools quests, you must be a Disciple of the Hand or the Earth at level 90 having completed walker, accessed the Splendors store and can make cristarium deliveries. You can then pick up “An Original Upgrade”, which leads to two additional quests.

final fantasy xiv is available for PS4, PS5 and PC. The patch arrived on March 7, 2023.

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