Just a month ago we were able to confirm that Assetto Corsa 2, the next big bet on driving simulators from Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games, will be coming to our PCs, consoles and cockpits next year, in Spring 2024. .

So there is still plenty of time before we can test what will be the most realistic simracing title to date. And now we got to see a little preview of what’s to come, through a video that the studio shared on the official site and which you can see below.


Feel the beat, read the title. And it’s not for less because this trailer only gives us a real feeling of speed and the emotion of the races. Just by looking at the reflections on the bodywork, the smoke and the sparks during the passage on the chicán, the ultra-realism of the circuits and the constructions, everything suggests that we are facing the next great driving revolution in the video games.

Picture of Assetto Corsa 1

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