Fatal Frame’s Scariest Ghosts: Lunar Eclipse Mask

Fatal Frame’s Scariest Ghosts: Lunar Eclipse Mask

Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask is a game that throws lots of killer ghosts at you. As in the previous Fatal Marco titles, a terrible ritual has left an entire island plagued by the spirits of the dead thanks to the presence of a strange disease known as Moonlight Syndrome. While most of these ghosts are scary and stressful to fight, some of them are a little scarier. Whether it’s their looks, their backstory, or an exceptionally difficult attack pattern, these ghosts are the scariest. Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask has to offer.

Editor’s Note: There will be Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask ghost run and plot spoilers ahead.

yuko magaki

Yuko Magaki was one of the patients at Rogetsu Hall Mental Health Center. In life, he was a painter whose work became more haunting when he succumbed to moonlight syndrome. Room 309, her bedroom during her stay, is covered in these paintings, including a huge one on the floor of a faceless woman.

What makes him particularly unpleasant to fight is that he’s always crawling on the ground, bumping your ankles. It’s also unclear why he refuses to get up, which makes it all the more confusing.

Shoji Katagiri

First met at the Haibara infirmary, Shoji Katagiri was assistant to the hospital’s chief medical officer. He specialized in experimental treatments, often using medical helmets that looked more like a torture device.

If that wasn’t enough, their fights often include him trying to blindside you and running screaming at the wall directly behind you. Sometimes successively.

Fatal Frame Kyoko Kitazume Lunar Eclipse Mask

Kyoko Kitazume

Most ghosts of Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask they are scary enough to be in the right position. Kyoko Kitazume decides that’s not enough. It will crawl unpleasantly on the ceiling until you get close to it, before swinging like a bat to attack.

He is first encountered in the basement of the infirmary, where an inaccessible room contains a hanging body. Documents suggest it is his body, hanging from the ceiling in a bizarre treatment. What was this treatment for? The game simply refuses to elaborate.

Ayako Fatal Frame

I do not want

ghost children in Fatal Marco they’re still some of the worst, but Ayako had some issues in her lifetime. Various reports you can find in the facility describe her doing things like killing a bird with a pair of scissors. We also see a specter of her dragging a nurse down a hallway by her hair.

Their fight is not too unusual for Fatal Marco battles What makes him so unnerving is his bedroom, where doll parts dangle ominously from the ceiling. Ayako also sports a constant grim smile whenever she attacks, indicating that she enjoys making you suffer.

Kageri Sendo y yo

Kageri Sendo and “Yo”

Fatal Marco is no stranger to fights involving doll helpers, with a few notable fights in Fatal Marco 2Kageri Sendo en Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask takes it to a higher level. He pushes an adult-sized dummy around Rogetsu Hall, which represents his deceased sister.

Whenever she and the doll are together, the fights are especially stressful. The doll will wobble towards you with robotic movements and won’t react to your shots even if it takes damage. Meanwhile, Kageri fires off an occasional attack while you’re distracted or accidentally backing up towards her.

Fatal Frame Takahisa Kozuki Lunar Eclipse Mask

Takahisa Kozuki

Not much is known about Takahisa Kozuki. Apprenticed to the mask maker Soya Yomotsuki, he appears unannounced in a later chapter. One minute you’re pulling a spell out of a mask, the next he’s behind you, charging at you with one of his tools.

Aside from the abrupt introduction, he’s also terrifying due to the unpredictability of his attacks. He charges while teleporting back and forth, making him hard to pin down.

koei tecmo game

Soy Yomotsuki

The mask maker who served as Kozuki’s teacher. He is also the father of protagonist Ruka Minazuki, which adds a layer of personal connection to horror. Due to Ruka’s amnesia, he always appears with a grotesque mask instead of his real face.

He also fought multiple times in the game’s final chapter. He’s tough enough to fight, often charging from behind, but in the tight quarters of a lighthouse he becomes even more stressful to deal with.

vessel and organs

Vessel and organs

Each Fatal Marco needed a gruesome ritual that led everyone to die, and Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask is no exception. This time it is a ritual dance, in which a woman, the Vaisseau, dances while five children, the Organs, play music. In the failed ritual that caused all the trouble, all of these performers died in a mirror ceremony performed for tourists.

Currently, you have to fight against their ghosts. All six. Right away. Organs often attack in pairs, with one acting as a distraction for the other, which can even attack you through the ground. During this time, the ship will constantly dance and leap at you while you’re busy with the kids.

Sakuya Haibara Lunar Eclipse Fatal Frame Mask

Sakuya Haibara

like for everything Fatal Marco games, there is a ghost that acts as a catalyst for everyone else. In Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask, that ghost is Sakuya Haibara. She was the real vessel in the failed Ritual, and the failure caused her to flourish and destroy most of the island in the process.

She is encountered several times throughout the game and most of the time she is invincible. All you can do is run away. A streak in the latter parts of the game has her chasing Ruka through a significant portion of the level she just went through. The final boss encounter also risks a full reset if you don’t complete the game’s final puzzle in time, adding to the tension of fighting her for real.

Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox.

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