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We saw some exciting new Xbox announcements today during the (email-protected) April 2023 showcase, but arguably the one that stole the show was the Explorerdescribed as a “semi-open fantasy FPS” with a comic art style.

There’s no release date for this yet, but we’ve got plenty of details to share courtesy of The Explorator’s official Steam page, and you can also check out the awesome trailer here. -above. Please note that this game is created by only two people at the moment – it is the creation of a game developer based in Lyon:

“The Explorer is a semi-open fantasy FPS, as an explorer you muster up your courage to set foot on the most dangerous island in the known world, Ospolis.”

“Legends say that the fabled city of Atlantis lies beneath this island, which was suddenly overrun by goblins and monsters who emerged from the bowels of underground tunnels drilled by unsuspecting explorers in hopes of finding the famous city.”

  • Realistic FPS, every bullet is deadly, one bullet is enough for the right enemy and the explosives will kill the biggest monsters for sure.
  • Inventory and weight control: feel free to collect or buy items that will help you on your expedition, but you won’t be able to carry everything
  • Characters to meet who will sometimes give you quests.
  • Exploration rewarded with unique items and locations
  • Weapon and armor upgrades, character talent options
  • Relics to find that will give you unique characteristics

Do you like the look of The Explorator? Tell us in the comment section below.

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