Huge criticism in the Batman franchise

It’s not the first time a popular franchise has come under criticism from its fans. This time it’s Batman, as Batman fans took to social media to claim that the sexualized scene between Bruce Wayne and Batgril AKA Barbara Gordon was unnecessary and inappropriate.

This controversial scene is currently putting Batman very much in the foreground of the media. The scene comes from the animated film of the year 2016 and is therefore already six years old. It’s the story where Joker paralyzes and molests Batgirl. It’s a shot for shot remake with an original and new prologue added as an afterthought, making it more than the retelling of The Killing Joke.

The controversial scene

Already at the beginning of the animated film, the viewer notices that the tension is rising and the relationship between the protagonists Batgirl and Batman is getting closer. Batman feels visibly attracted to his protégé and the crime fighter is also visibly taken with Batman.

This tension ultimately leads to a very controversial sexualized scene. The fans are mocking that now. Many feel this scene as unnecessary, inappropriate and criticize it.

A Twitter user wrote: “The most unnecessary scene in batman media! It’s not a sexual relationship after all, it’s a relationship between two characters that shouldn’t have that kind of chemistry. It’s a father-daughter relationship, which is why it was so strange to see it on screen.”

Many other viewers are equally upset and rate Batman The Killing Joke very poorly. Most see the relationship between the two on the basis of a father-daughter relationship. The film only gets a 36% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a scandal for the franchise that the negative media exposure is so rampant these days.

Here’s the controversial scene:

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