The last of us The gay romance has drawn negativity from a small proportion of viewers, but Ellie actress Bella Ramsey isn’t worried about the hate. Speaking to ComicBook, he echoed Riley actress Storm Reid’s comments, pointing out that the number of supporters far outweighs the haters.

Gay romance The Last of Us resulted in a bombardment of reviews

As we previously reported, The Last of Us episodes featuring gay romance were disproportionately rated by IMDB users. Many viewers who criticize the content do not seem to have fully played the video games.

“I swore to (producer) Craig Mazin that I wasn’t going to watch the comments, and I feel like I’ve opened that oath in a bit of a dramatic way over the last few weeks,” said Ramsey at ComicBook. “I’m very aware that there’s a gay army that’s on Twitter that’s only supporting me and Ellie, and it’s like they’re a lot louder than anyone still hates him, or hates the show, trolls homophobic, whatever. .”

Ramsey says she feels validated watching video game fans enjoy the show. She particularly appreciates his reaction because it means the show has met her expectations.

Season 1 of HBO’s The Last of Us will end next week.

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