The relationship between often controversial (and equally beloved) TV personality Jeremy Clarkson and Amazon Prime Video continues to be frosty. Such The Grand Tour as Clarkson’s Farm They’re hanging by a thread, as it’s not yet clear if there will be a sequel to either series beyond the material already recorded.

This, coupled with the fact that the BBC completely canceled filming of Top Gear after Freddie Flintoff’s accident last year and is now considering the future of the series, has fans starting to beg online as it is Clarkson himself who buys the rights to the program. with his two comrades in arms Hammond and May. something he has now replied in a somewhat hopeful and cryptic way.

“We never left. The three of us just kept going.”

What does it mean? The Grand Tour social media has been completely dead for months and according to the BBC’s head of programming, they have no intention of reviving Top Gear under the current circumstances:

“I think we need to talk about what Freddie wants to do. When someone is on the mend, I don’t think we push them…I think that would be really inappropriate, he wouldn’t be happy.

So is there any chance the trio will invest in the brand they helped create? Who knows, but clearly something is up and we can only speculate and wait.

What do you think of this whole situation? Could the lead trio buy the rights to the show and continue producing on their own, or would you prefer The Grand Tour to continue on Prime Video?

The legend, the myth, the man.

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