Franchise fans The Lord of the Rings are among the most loyal, and that is why according to recent reports, Pictures from Warner Bros.and plans new movies, but apparently those didn’t make fans happy.

You see, many followers of JRR Tolkien They don’t understand what the creator’s current situation is with the job, as he’s had six Middle-earth live-action movies so far, not to mention the TV series of First video also located in Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

So they wonder what’s next for the franchise?… Which is why some Tolkien fans see this as an opportunity to Warner Bros. do the right thing with one of the most popular characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy of peter jackson the legendary Tom Bombadil.

The character’s absence was one of Tolkien purists’ biggest complaints about Jackson’s adaptation of the fantasy novels, taking to social media to demand his inclusion in the upcoming film, either alone or teamed with Radagast the Brown, either as part of a larger trilogy of the overlooked Lord of the Rings scene. Some even offer casting ideas, Jack BlackJAmes Corden oh matt barry.

But… Who is Tom Bombadil?

Tolkien created Tom Bombadil before publishing The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. His 1934 poem “The Adventures of Tom Bombadil” features Tom, his wife golden berry, described as the “river girl”, the evil tree Old Man Willow, and a specter-like creature called a cairn, all of which appear. in The Fellowship of the Ring. Tom saves the Hobbits from Old Man Willow then invites them to his secluded and idyllic home at the start of their journey. He later reappears to save them from a burial mound.

In the original story, Tom appears as a cheerful, lively old man who constantly sings songs. He seems to have complete control over everything in his kingdom, so he can be determined to stay within its borders. His power should put him on equal footing, if not an advantage over anyone in Middle-earth, but he shows no interest in getting involved in the fight against Sauron or any other conflict.

Why was Tom Bombadil left out of the movies?

Apparently Jackson eliminated his involvement in the feature film The Fellowship of the Ring, since his involvement is not integral to the stories’ overall plot, but in the extended version of The Two Towers he winked look at Old Man Willow. ..with a scene where a tree tries to consume Merry and Pippin, like Old Man Willow did in the novels, and Treebeard says the lines that Tom Bombadil might look like him.

The nature of Tom Bombadil remains a mystery to Tolkien fans. Despite appearing in The Lord of the Rings, the chronicles of Middle-earth history told in The Silmarillion no idea is given where Tom came from and what his purpose might be.

Scholars of Tolkien have offered a number of interpretations, from him being the benevolent thematic opposite of Sauron to him being a Vala (perhaps Aulë, who created the dwarves) or an earthly Maiar who is not the one of the Istari, but so far none of these versions has been established as the official version.

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