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Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier brings the Mod Side to its Knees

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Update from January 17, 2021:

The gigantic mod The Frontier for Fallout: New Vegas was released on January 15, 2021 and, due to the large number of visitors, brought the Nexusmods site to its knees. As reported by Eurogamer, The Frontier’s site on Nexusmods did not work at times.

By now the problems should be a thing of the past. When we checked, we found the download page functional. At least the temporary server failure remains as an indicator of the great interest in the game. According to the website, over 33,000 players have now downloaded the mod.

The Frontier could easily pass as a separate game or huge DLC. In addition to mobile vehicles, Total Conversion contains a completely new game world, its own story and much more. You will find all the content, the system requirements and the most important additional information in the following original message.

Original message from December 27, 2020:

In 2016 we reported for the first time about a mod for Fallout: New Vegas with the subtitle The Frontier. Now the total conversion will appear soon, on January 15, 2021 the time has finally come – in the following article we will clarify what is actually in The Frontier.

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The Frontier: All information about the Fallout mod

Release: When does The Frontier appear?

The Frontier’s release is for the January 15, 2021 planned. The mod was originally supposed to appear in December 2020, but this release could not be adhered to.

Platform: Where can I get The Frontier?

You can already find The Frontier on Steam. We have linked the corresponding product page for you.

Price: how much does The Frontier cost?

Currently is not yet knownwhether The Frontier is offered for free or the responsible developers charge money for the total conversion.

System requirements: What does your computer have to do?

operating system


random access memory



Storage space

Content: What does The Frontier offer?

Game world: The Frontier plays with snow-covered Portland in Oregon, USA, in a completely new location that has never been officially illuminated in the course of the Fallout series. New weather conditions such as snow, rain and fog should also be exciting here. Plus, the mod will even go into space.

Link to YouTube content

Story: The Frontier story revolves around the New California Exiles and Caesar’s Legion factions. There should be a total of three different quest series and up to 50 side quests that will entertain you for between 15 to 35 hours. The makers of the mod promise that The Frontier will not be a shooting gallery, but will be just as dialog-heavy as the great role models of Total Conversion.

Gameplay: The Frontier wants to improve the gameplay known from Fallout 3 and New Vegas with numerous fine adjustments and offer you over 150 new weapons. But there are also completely new tricks: There are mobile cars with which you can fight street battles in the best Mad Max fashion. A new trailer on total conversion shows exactly what this looks like:

Link to YouTube content

The Frontier isn’t the only exciting Fallout mod that’s in development, of course. Among other things, fans are tinkering with making New Vegas completely playable in the Fallout 4 engine. And then there is Fallout: Miami or a Star Wars mod in KotOR-style.


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