25 years of Fallout continues to rage at Bethesda, and the celebration also extends to Fallout 76, which for a limited time will offer players Fallout 1st content completely free of charge. Let’s also remember that the game itself (Fallout 76) will be free to play for a limited time also during the celebrations of the quarter century of life of the franchise.

After a week, Fallout 1st content will return to its regular pricing scheme. For those who are not familiar with this membership, it is a program that offers cosmetic items and money to use in the game for all subscribers.

New perspectives for Fallout 1st

While much of the content in Fallout 1st is purely cosmetic, there are some game-related features. gameplay of the game, as an adventure that expands the history of Appalachia. Subscribers to the service may not find anything in their favor, Bethesda could add new users to the program leaving all content, servers and other features free for everyone.

Fallout 1st was released in 2019 and, like the main game, was modified based on community feedback and this can be an excellent opportunity to test all its advantages.

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